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Professional Team

Our Team Is Made Up Of Highly Trained And Experienced Professionals Who Are Experts In Their Respective Fields. They Are Equipped With The Necessary Skills To Deliver Top-Quality Work.

No Time-Zone Difference

We Operate In The Same Time Zone As You, Eliminating Any Inconvenience Caused By Time-Zone Differences. This Allows For Seamless Communication And Collaboration, Ensuring That Your Project Is Completed On Time.

Reduce It Expenses

By Partnering With Us, You Will Be Able To Reduce Your Expenses As We Offer Competitive Rates For Our Services. This Can Help You Save Money While Still Receiving The High-Quality Work You Need.

Direct Contact Developers

You Will Have Direct Access To Our Developers, Allowing For Better Communication And A More Streamlined Development Process. This Direct Contact Also Means That You Will Be Able To Receive Updates And Progress Reports More Frequently.

3-Weeks Trail Period

We Offer A 3-Week Trial Period For Our Services, Giving You The Opportunity To Test Our Capabilities Before Committing To A Long-Term Partnership. This Trial Period Allows You To Evaluate Our Work And Determine If We Are The Right Fit For Your Project.

Key Areas Of Expertise

Our Expertise Lies In Several Key Areas Of Development, Including Web Development, Mobile Development, And Software Development. We Have A Wealth Of Experience In These Areas And Are Equipped To Handle Projects Of Varying Complexity.

English Proficiency

Our Team Is Proficient In English, Ensuring That Communication Is Smooth And Effective. This Eliminates Any Misunderstandings Or Miscommunications, Ensuring That Your Project Is Completed To Your Specifications.

Your Safe Staffing

We Prioritize Safe Staffing, Ensuring The Health And Well-Being Of Our Employees. This Means That We Follow All Necessary Health And Safety Protocols, And That Our Employees Are Protected From Harm.

Guaranteed Data Safety

We Understand The Importance Of Protecting Sensitive Data, And We Guarantee That Your Data Will Be Safe With Us. We Have Strict Security Protocols In Place To Ensure That Your Data Is Protected At All Times.

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Diligent Technologies is a leading software development service provider dedicated to helping businesses bring their digital visions to life. With a team of experienced developers who have over 10 years of experience, we specialize in custom software solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. Our Agile development process, use of cutting-edge tools and technologies, and commitment to transparency, communication, and delivering value have earned us numerous awards and accolades from satisfied clients. From improving internal processes to creating web & mobile apps, we have a proven track record of success and are always eager to exceed our clients' expectations.

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  • Burdening IT expenses
  • Low software quality
  • Lack of in-house skills
  • Limited budget
  • Changing requirements
  • Mis-hires


  • Pay hourly rate
  • Senior developers
  • Flexible dedicated team
  • Fair prices
  • Scale as your needs change
  • 100% fit to your request
  • Diligent technologies
  • Diligent technologies
  • Diligent technologies
  • Diligent technologies
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Having extensive experience in these industries helped us deliver high end soluitions rapidly.

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Our team of experts has extensive experience developing solutions that meet the unique needs of production environment, including hardware & software related solutions.


We create custom web applications for each of your needs, including shopify and woocomerce. We have a team of highly experienced developers who will work with you to create a solution customized to fit your needs.


After COVID most education institutes have shifted to online solutions having LMS and portals. On the other hand, some start with the course in the class room format and gradually move towards an online option after evaluating different options available.


You deserve a website that is unique, with content regularly updated to attract potential clients and helps you achieve your sales target. Our websites are mobile-friendly and professionally designed to meet all of your needs.


Your patients are looking for a place to manage their health. Our team of professional medical billing experts, backed by years of experience, can help you deliver that. We provide your patients with easy appointments, and accurately report the health records back to their insurance companies.

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